About Us


We the People were born free! It is one of these inalienable, non-negotiable rights of every Human Being! It is of such high value, our Founding Fathers made sure it will be always protected by the Constitution of the most freedom-loving Country in the World. Now & forever!

We all now know about the forces that are working to take these rights away from People everywhere in the World. It is our responsibility as free Men & Women and as Citizens of the United States of America to protect these rights and to lead by example! It is our responsibility to unite People in Liberty!

We are driven by unconditional Love for Freedom & for our beautiful Country! We worked hard and did our very best, now being able to share our brand LIBERTY GOODS USA™ with you & the rest of the World. It‘s made with true American Spirit!

We very much appreciate you as a part of our Liberty Family and as our customer! Thank you for spreading the word and helping protecting our highest values! Thank you for being part of this amazing movement!

We will stay free! God Bless.